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How about some cool vending machines? Download the zip & you will get the Change machine, Coffee machine, Snacks machine & the Snacks & Pop Combo machine!
Just be sure to size them to the LARGE size when placing them, as they will be too small otherwise.
Also, if your machine looks backwards, just RIGHT Click & ROTATE the model as they are 2 sided!
Have fun with them!

~~Vending Machines~~

Please click HERE to download the zip with all 4 Machines included!

Everybody LOVES Board games! Stuff some of these under the tree for some Holiday Fun! *Once you load them, just right click, chose rotate & turn around!*

FUN Board Games!

Click HERE to download the zip file with ALL 12 Games!

Enjoy this snow covered car to put in your driveway or winter scenes on snowy days!
***Please note that this item ONLY works when running DIRECTX Rendering...it will not appear correctly if you are using Software Rendering!***

Snow Covered Car

Please click HERE to download Snow Covered Car

Need a great last minute gift? EVERY girl needs a Barbie! Stuff some under the tree for your special girl!
~~You may need to rotate it to see it correctly as it is 2 sided~~

Barbie Dolls

Please click HERE to download the zip with ALL 7 Barbie Dolls

Some nice Sleighs for your Christmas  & winter scenes!

Winter Sleighs

Please click HERE to download the zip with both Sleighs

Here is a nice Pine tree for you to use as your Christmas tree or to decorate your holiday scenes! As you see, i have decorated 2 of them just to show you how nice they look decorated. You can size them as you chose, making them perfect for holiday & outdoor wintery scenes as well!

Christmas Tree

Please click HERE to download Christmas Tree

Mr. Woodsy the Owl is for DIRECT X Rendering only.....he is just the cutest 'lil guy! Have fun with him & be sure to take good care of him!


Please click HERE to download Woodsy the Owl

I am VERY proud of this tree! I painted the texture map & decorated this tree! It comes completely decorated with candy cane candles, bulbs, bells & a multi-colored tree topper! Have fun with it!

Decorated Christmas Tree

Please click HERE to download Decorated Christmas Tree

Here are some HollyBerries to spruce up your Holiday table, Christmas tree or your outdoor wintery scenes!
***Please note that HollyBerries ONLY work when using DIRECTX Rendering....they will not show appropriately when using the Software Renderer***


Please click HERE to download HollyBerries

A lovely Asian Deco fan!~Makes a great gift!
***PLease note that the Asian Deco Fan works ONLY when using DIRECTX Rendering! It will not appear correctly when using Software rendering***

Asian Deco Fan

Please click HERE to download Asian Deco Fan

Holiday Rugs

Please click HERE to download the zip with ALL 15 Holiday Rugs


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